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My goal is to make working with me as easy as possible while providing high quality images for your business. If you've spent the money on throwing an amazing event for your guests, why risk hiring an amateur to capture the moments that matter?

Here's What I Need to Know:

  •  The location, date and nature of your event
  • The time that you need a photographer on site
  • Providing a shot list makes things much easier, but is not necessary
  • Any unique photos such as a large group photo at a certain time


My photography rates are easy. It's $100 per hour with a three hour minimum. Any time after that is just $100 more per hour.

Here's what that includes:

  • One photographer on site
  • All the necessary lenses and lights to get the shots needed regardless of the venue lighting or environment.
  • I show up a little bit early, I stay a little bit late and the whole time I'm on the clock, I'm hunting for images.
  • An hour of event shooting yields about 50 usable images. These consist of group shots, candids, dignitaries on stage, ambiance shots, details and behind the scenes. 
  • Full invoiced amount is due by the date of the event. Cash, Check or Zelle is accepted.

After Your Event

I will have your event photos back to you within 2 business days or less.  I take pride in getting images to clients sooner than later.

You will receive a link to download all your images in high resolution that you will have lifetime rights to use for promotion of any kind as outlined in the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the rest of the photos?

I take lots of photos at events. The truth is that at least half of them are awful and don’t deserve to see the light of day. This is because people are people and they blink, make weird faces, and don’t always look flattering on-camera. My job is made sure that everyone at your event looks their absolute best. However, if you really insist, I can provide a second gallery of unedited photos and process up to 5 additional images for free.

How long will the link work?

My policy is that links will be publicly available for at least 6 months after delivery. My advice to you is to download them on your computer or save the entire folder into your cloud storage and use them for perpetuity.

Do you only photograph events?

I think of myself much more as a "people photographer" much more than strictly an event photographer. I also provide brand photography for programs such as non-profits and influencers. If there are people gathering and doing something fun, I can capture it and provide exceptional photos for you to use. I have a number of photos that are regularly used in the City of Anaheim summer catalog. At this time, I do not photograph weddings, maternity shoots or families.

Do you also do video?

The short answer is no. Sometimes, I create slideshows of my photos for my own promotion but I simply don't have the time/resources to edit videos outside of my full time job. I like to stick with what I'm best at and that's shooting still images.

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